We all know that Iceland is expensive, so it’s always great to hear of special offers.  Many restaurants and bistros have specials of free soup with the meal of the day during lunch hour. Some places also have a special lunch menu at agreeable prices. When you visit the shopping centres in Reykjavík, Kringlan and Smáralind, you can enjoy a budget meal at any of the fast food options from recognizable American chains to an all Icelandic Booztbar, which specializes in healthy fast food. If you are a meat-eater, you can‘t leave Iceland without trying the all-time favourite, the “pylsa” (hot dog), with all its delectable trappings at Bæjarins Beztu.

You could also have something from one of the many food wagons around the harbour area. These wagons offer tasty, quick meals to grab on your way to a whale watching trip or to enjoy while people-watching.  During the day you might want to try out a bakery where you can get a cheap but good bite to eat which won‘t dent your budget.  A lot of restaurants also offer a home delivery service, so if you don’t feel like going out, just order in.

Also, if your accommodation has cooking facilities, you could cook an Icelandic dish. You‘ll find all the ingredients you need at the any supermarket.